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Laser hair removal


itech is not just a name.

itech is a group of young but experienced, knowledgeable and persistent specialists; At itech, with the help of modern knowledge, as well as the experience of our engineers in the field of technology, production and after-sales service of beauty and fitness laser devices, we are among the best in this field.
In terms of quality, durability, and ease of use, the products produced by itech can compete with similar foreign devices, and due to the production of most of its parts inside, it has a more affordable price.

carboxytherapy device

One of the fastest and most uncomplicated methods of skin rejuvenation
The treatment process is completely painless and does not require anesthetic injection

Tips that we should know in the field of beauty...

Laser hair removal machine-model 2023

Three wavelengths of Alex, Diode, Andig
Suitable for all skin types
With an ergonomic handpiece equipped with a touch screen
Alex 755 nm
Diode 808 nm
ND: YAG and 1064 nm


با استفاده از دستگاه لیزر سه طول موج SWAN تضمین می‌کنیم که زیبایی مطلوب و مورد نظر خود را با رفع موهای زائد و بدون هیچ گونه درد و عارضه ای بدست آورید.

دستگاه آر اف کویتیشن اروس

لاغری و تناسب اندام سریع آسان و غیرتهاجمی
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